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A loyal American fan's poster collection deeply touches Kara Wai
Carlos Chan and Kara Wai
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The film HAPPINESS (HUNG WON SI NGOR)'s stars Kara Wai Ying Hung and Carlos Chan Ka Lok recently were invited to attend the 21st Made In Hong Kong Film Festival in Washington, DC. The event set up a salute to Wai Ying Hung segment to celebrate Sister Hung's 40th anniversary in the film industry. At the forum, some enthusiastic fans brought all of Sister Hung's film posters from their collection to show their support. Sister Hung was not only moved but also could not help but joked, "Now these posters are very valuable!" Still very impulsive after 40 years in film, she hoped to have more time to perform and showed the audience many more different styles of Wai Ying Hung!

Best Actress Wai Ying Hung and Chan Ka Lok recently were invited to attend the Made in Hong Kong Film Festival in Washington DC. The 21st Made in Hong Kong Film Festival takes place form July 12 to August 31 in Washington DC. Organized by the Smithsonian Institute, the event has promoted Hong Kong film for years.

This year is Sister Siu Hung's 40th anniversary in film and her new film HAPPINESS will open soon. Thus the event set up a "salute to Wai Ying Hung" segment. On the 17th it screened Wai Ying Hung's classic film MY YOUNG AUNTIE (JEUNG BUI). A Shaw Brothers film release that was released in 1981, it was a Lau Kar Leung written, directed and starred martial art comedy film. Sister Hung also with this film won the 1st Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress. The event chose this film to salute Wai Ying Hung to honor her 40 years of contribution to Hong Kong film. The event also arranged for 10 fans to meet with Sister Hung, one loyal fan even brought Sister Hung's past film posters to meet with her and recounted each and every one of Sister Hung's films. Sister Hung was deeply touched as she never imagined her work could be so far reaching. Even as far as in the U.S. she still had many passionate fans. "At first glimpse I couldn't help but went 'wow' because even I didn't have many of them. He said that these posters came from old Hong Kong and American cinemas. Now they probably would be very valuable."

Sister Hung this time attended the film festival and the forum with Chan Kar Lok. The forum was sold out. Sister Hung again sensed the local fans' passion and shared her years of film experience. "I am very happy to meet with the U.S. viewers this time, it was a recognition of Hong Kong film. I have been in film for 40 years, from the early martial art films to slowly transitioning to try vne more different genres. I don't know how many 40 years life has, but I hope to have even more time to show the audience even more different style Wai Ying Hung!"

The last time Wai Ying Hung went to the U.S. was already 20 years ago, so after the forum ended sh and Chan Kar Lok took the time to sightsee. They first went to the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery. Sister Hung was the most interested in Chinese ceramics. Chan Kar Lok liked the Korean artist Michael Joo's large scale modern pieces. They later visited the National Museum of Natural History, the location of the Hollywood film NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2. Kar Lok was excited. "The environment here is grand. All the displays are very familiar looking. I remember at the time I saw it at the movies, I would never guess that I would have the chance to personally visit."

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