Tuesday, July 12, 2016


courtesy of singtao.com
Nicholas Tse personally chose the hot pot casserole food
courtesy of on.cc

Nicholas Tse Ting and Sean Lau Ching Wan starred in the new film HEARTFALL ARISES (GAING SUM POR), which will open in the middle of next month. During the shoot Ting Fung often cooked for the team, but he also had his more mischievous moments when he played pranks on everyone. Once he brought curry fish balls and claimed that he made them himself, after everyone finished them Ting Fung revealed that he bought them from a street snack shop. Everyone could only helplessly laugh.

He even turned into CHEF NIC on the set. Since Ting Fung has always been very selective about ingredients, for a hot pot casserole scene with Mavis Fan he even personally chose the food. He even chose the chili pepper. After the shoot everyone enjoyed a feast. The workers called Ting Fung "Detective Chef Nic". Another lead Lau Ching Wan said that he did not get to try Ting Fung's cooking and suspected that Ting Fung would only cook for the ladies.

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