Thursday, July 28, 2016


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Chrissie Chau successfully makes the transition and wins Best Actress

Director Vincent Ho is happy for Gordon Lam
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With ten years of acting under her belt, Chrissie Chau Sau Na two days ago attended the first Asian New Media Film Festival in Busan. With her Hong Kong release and Mainland internet film release IGIRL she won Best Actress.

When Chrissie was announced as the Best Actress winner, she was so excited that she got teary eyed. On the stage she said that this award was very meaningful to her. "Thank you everyone for your recognition and encouragement, in the future I look forward to bringing you even better work in every area. Thank you for your support."

In addition, Gordon Lam Ka Tung whose acting has long been recognized already received the "Internet Best Popular Actor". Lam Ka Tung said, "I am very happy because earlier I thought about any chance of being nominated or winning. First I have to thank the director Vincent (Ho Wai Fung) and producer Mr. (Raymond) Wong Pak Ming. They very daringly wanted me to perform this character with Putonghua throughout. I also had to experience wearing a down military uniform in 45 degree temperature. It truly was quite a challenge."

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