Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Lemon Yip 
Rachel Chau has no idea that she steps on Lemon Yip and bends down to help
Checkley Sin, Rachel Chau
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Checkley Sin Kwok Lam's new comer Lemon Yip Chi Yu immediately received full support after joining National Arts as she landed the lead in the film OUR DAYS (NGOR MOON DIK 6E BAN). Rachel Chau Ka Lei also starred. Earlier they worked on a student gang fight scene in Tuen Mun. Chau Ka Lei stepped on Chi Yu with her heels. In the chaos Chi Yu even sprained her ankle and cut her foot. To avoid hindering the production, she toughed out the shoot. After the cameras stopped rolling, Chau Ka Lei immediately went to disinfect and treat her junior colleague's foot and kissed up to Chi Yu in apology.

Chi Yu was asked later if she was worried that she would have any dispute rumors with colleague Rose Chan Ka Wun, Chau Ka Lei after landing her first lead as soon as she joined the management company. Chi Yu said that she was not worried, "No, after joining the company everyone has treated me very well, they are spoiling me. Like when I got hurt, Ka Lei immediately sent me for treatment. When facing the media, the elders would drag me along and teach me how to handle them."

Chau Ka Lei said that she would not be jealous. "Anyone suitable would land the lead, you don't get to be jealous. Since Chi Yu has her abilities, Mr. Sin gives her the opportunity. Fresh flowers still need green leaves for support. If a supporting role can be very outstandingly played, I wouldn't mind! I will work hard."

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