Sunday, July 3, 2016


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Catherine Chau and Gregory Wong have confidence in the box office
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Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, Catherine Chau Ka Yi, Kate Yeung Kei, Akina Fong Kin Yi starred in the film THE MENU (DOH FOR SUN MUN SIN), which will be released on August 4th. Yesterday a press conference took place. Chung Hiu and Ka Yi said that they would not compare the series with the film, since they knew the outside screening responses have been great they were confident. Chung Hiu in the trailer talked about the high ranking officials being "out of touch" as thousands of protesters marched on the streets, both were very touching. Ka Yi revealed that she will work on the soundtrack. "Including the film score, I would perform one song. Chung Hiu's political subject song music video WE'RE NOT AFRAID would be also included." Reportedly this film might be compared with the film TEN YEARS (SUP NIN)? Chung Hiu said that both films were different. THE MENU talked about more freedom of the speech and spread the letter would transmit love to send some love to the U.S.

Jeana Ho Pui Yu revealed that in September she will work on her new film and played someone with a mental problem. Earlier in a play she played depressed but she was not afraid that leaving the role would be heard. She felt that this was the motivation for an actor. Was she worried that if she was too in character she would scare about suitors? She said, "No, but Mommy lately said that she wanted a grandchild. Perhaps I would be able to find a foreigner for sperm donation. (Would you want a foreigner for a boyfriend?) He doesn't have to be. Now I have someone I am getting to know, someone in the business. The communication is easier and we can support each other."

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