Thursday, July 7, 2016


Eddie Peng, Chow Yun Fat, Fat Soh, Aaron Kwok
Eddie Peng turns into a little fan and bows to Chow Yun Fat
Aaron Kwok looks cool even when tying his shoelaces
Fat Gor helps goddess Fat Soh to the stage
Fat Gor and Fat Soh take a selfie
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"God Class Best Actor" Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Eddie Peng Yu-Yan promoted their new film COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN 2) in Singapore. The premiere there filled a shopping center. Eddie and Sing Sing were dressed in suits and came the girls screamed. Fat Gor and Fat Soh Jasmine Tan then appeared.

As the "Singapore son in law" Fat Gor humorously coaxed Fat Soh to speak up. He joked on the stage, "Please welcome Mrs. Chow to say a few words to everyone, should she speak Singlish or Cantonese?" Fat Soh chose to speak Cantonese to support her husband. "How are you everyone, I hope everyone would support this film!" Speaking of this performance, Fat Gor joked, "This time I purely made this movie for fun, I am very grateful to the cast for playing with me and taking selfies!"

Seeing Fat Gor nodding, Eddie immediately bowed to his idol Fat Gor. Speaking of working with three Best Actors, Eddie said that playing a villain against the three was a challenge. He also said in less than fluent Cantonese, "I am a good guy!" He admitted that he longed to work with Fat Gor. "This time I wasn't lucky enough to have any scene with Fat Gor. I have more with Sing Sing, in all of which I am getting pushed around."

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