Monday, July 4, 2016


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53 year old Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) has been rumored to be wheel chair bound due to illness. Yesterday he attended a Beijing charity event and personally dispelled the rumor. "Today I saw online a report about me being wheel chair bound due to illness, something about working hard to make money in the first half of life and working hard to treat an illness in the second half of life." Lee Nin Kit said that it was an example that he cited once when he encouraged Hong Kong university students about life choices. In 2000 the doctor once warned him that due to his leg injury he might be wheel chair bound in old age. He stressed that he had a thyroid problem and would positively face the illness, but he truly was not in a wheel chair.

Due to his religion he no longer fully focus on his film career. Lee Nin Kit revealed that in the second half of the year he will help more young people. He rather enjoy watching the process of other people succeeding, which has been great.

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