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Eliza Sam

Producer Wong Wing Fung wraps Shirley Yeung in a towel to keep her from catching a cold
Jessica C seriously studies every move
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Eliza Sam Lai Heung has had a smooth career in television, but her first film SPECIAL FEMALE FORCE (LAT GAING BA WONG FA) was less than so. Originally it was scheduled for release September last year, even the poster was already shot. Yet due to a torture and murder scene of Shirley Yeung Szeki and Jessica C., the film was unable to receive Mainland approval! Luckily after several edits, the film finally passed inspection and will see "daylight" in September this year!

Heung Heung after waiting for a year of course was happy about her first film release. "The cast had a great relationship, I really want the movie to be released sooner so earlier I just kept asking! (Because of the violent scene it was not approved?) Everyone put a lot of effort into making this film. Many fight scenes were amazing. So I wouldn't feel surprised. Now it can be released I am really very happy!"

Szeki regretted that her scene was cut because during the shoot she gave her all. "Many scenes required wires. In one scene I fell from the third story, I hope it wasn't cut because I really used all my strength to perform it!" In the film, she and Jessica C were tortured and murdered by the pool. Both appeared in bikini tops. Szeki thanked producer Wong Wing Fung for giving her the chance. As for Heung Heung, Szeki had nothing but praise for. She called her a very lovable and sweet sister, unfortunately this time they did not have any scene together.

Producer Wong Wing Fung also praised Szeki for her effort in her performance and revealed that the film's Mainland release will have changes. However the Hong Kong version will remain "authentic". Thus Szeki's hard work absolutely would not be wasted!

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