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All the stunts aggravate Charmaine Sheh's old neck injury
Benz Hui and Charmaine Sheh
Carlo Ng interviews director Man Wai Hung and action director Chin Ka Lok
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Charmaine Sheh Si Man and Benz Hui Siu Hung yesterday appeared on TVB's THE GREEN ROOM for an interview and to promote their film LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH). The film will open in August and both were looking forward to it.

Benz Hung said that later he will promote with Ah Sheh. Ah Sheh pointed out that starting in mid August she will have to promote all over China, after which she planned to rest. Earlier when she made LINE she was injured in a car chase with a motorcycle helmet on, she aggravated her old neck injury. She said, "I have been seeing a doctor about moving (the column) back into its correct place. (Did you cry from the hurt?) It wasn't that serious, but my arms would get numb. The doctor told me to rest for half a year. Whether I listen or not it would be another matter." She said that before the shoot she did not know that she would have so many stunts like car chases, fights, gun fights and explosions, because on the television series she only carried a folding chair. She joked, "The director thought too much of me."

Benz Hung joked that Ah Sheh actually was able to do the stunts, only that she was all bruised. Speaking of his character Tam Foon Hei who died in the television series but was brought back to life in the film, Benz Hung said that the film would explain why he was not dead. Did he have any fight scene this time? He joked, "I did, I had to hit Ah Ting (Ah Sheh's character) to death." Ah Sheh said that in the scene Benz Hung would rather she died in his hands than someone else's. How long did Ah Sheh plan to rest? She said that for now she had the idea but sometimes some very attractive work would keep her from doing so. Benz Hung joked that her time off would only be wishful thinking.

Action director Chin Ka Lok said that because Sheh Si Man was a close friend of his wife Angela Tong Ying Ying, his stunt designs for her would not be too difficult as he did not dare to abuse Ah Sheh. Speaking of shooting on location in Brazil, he revealed that before they left the epidemic erupted in Brazil and the team had second thoughts. He said, "I was afraid that after the shoot we couldn't come back to Hong Kong, because we went without any immunization and Brazil became an epidemic region. Even if we return to Hong Kong we would have to wait half a year before going somewhere else!"

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