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Francis Ng discusses a major car chase with car stunt expert Ng Hoi Tong
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Francis Ng Chun Yu has turned down many father and son offer since he and his son Feyman appeared on the second season of the Mainland variety program WHERE ARE WE GOING, DAD? Finally a film company successfully convinced Chun Yu for him to star and director a mob comedy. It will be the first film that the father and son team will work together on.

Chun Yu would even reprise his classic YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI) character Ugly Kwun along the same vain as the comedy ONCE UPON A TIME IN TRIAD SOCIETY (WONG GOK JA FIT YUN). In the film Feynman will play a child actor who likes to feud with Ugly Kwun. Chun Yu revealed that he was willing to permit Feynman to work on the film because it was summer vacation. He hoped to show his son how his father made movies on the set. The film company also rewarded them with an over HK$ 10 million salary offer! Chun Yu did not respond directly, as he only joked, "It's fake! Of course it's more than that amount!"

Speaking of working with his son on a movie, Chun Yu said that it has been "quite a headache". He did not know whether his son would be able to handle it. As for playing Ugly Kwun again, he said, "Many people has always wanted me to play Ugly Kwun. Since this time a group brought the money, I just return to it. This character is everyone's collective memory."

Since Chun Yu will direct and star, of course he did not slack off at all. The team was filled with the best. The new film will have many big scenes like a large scale car chase and a over 200 people negotiation. Ng Chi Hung will play a role. Car stunt master Ng Hoi Tong will be in charge of the car chase! The film will start production in early August.

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