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Sunny Luk and Tony Leung Ka Fai make victorious poses over the COLD WAR 2 box office success
Tony Leung Ka Fai says the third film must have Chow Yun Fat and Aaron Kwok
Tony Leung Ka Fai gets friendly with the crowd
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Tony Leung Ka Fai and director Sunny Luk Kim Ching yesterday attended an audience appreciation event at the movies for COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN II). The film after 9 days in release made over HK$ 40 million and was within reach of the first film's record.

Leung Ka fai admitted that he did not expect the film to perform so well. Director Luk Kim Ching already revealed plans to make a third film and joked that they probably would not have to wait 4 years. Ka Fai said that now Fat Gor (Chow Yun Fat) has to rest for half a year. The third film would have to wait until then to start production. Because the other lead Aaron Kwok Fu Sing's concert was about to start, would the film celebration accommodate his schedule? Ka Fai suggested for the team to celebrate at the Hong Kong Coliseum. As for whether they were confident about the film's award show chances, Ka Fai said, "Let's make the third film first. This time we had a lot of support from the Greater Chinese audience. I am very excited. I hope the director will have a new film soon." Ka Fai the put his hand on the director's shoulder to apply pressure. Luk Kim Ching said, "The third film's pressure would be even greater, but only with pressure would there be motivation." Director Luk revealed that the third film's roles would split the screen time rather evenly, and new actors would join in. Ka Fai said that many Hong Kong actors still have not been used yet, but not one of the original team could be skipped. Fat Gor's line, "For the remainder of my life I would only welcome you" has become a classic line. Ka Fai joked that it was very hard to have a god class Best Actor to only welcome himself. He said, "So I have to go hiking and have Poon Choi with him."

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