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The Johnnie To Kei Fung directed, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Vicki Zhao Wei, Wallace Chung Han Leung starred crime film THREE (SAM YUN HUNG) earlier shot in the Guangzhou Film Studio. In one scene 100 actors had to perform in slow motion. Because To Sir did not rely on machines for effects and instead asked for actors to perform live, he hired instructors to train them for two months. The actors everyday learned to move at snail's pace.

The film had many fight scenes, the ending even had an unexpected shot when over 100 actors performed in slow motion for a 10 minute scene. However the scene took two months to rehearse. The official shoot took 4 days. In the physical training the actors had to learn to slow motion run, flip, shoot, and turn! To Sir said, "This slow motion action scene is pretty long and doesn't use production technique and post production. The actors perform themselves. This is a new attempt, an ability to display space and a collective ability, performing like a stage play. This time I arranged for physical and speech instructors to train everyone and to teach them how to control the speed and balance of the action."

Goo Jai said, "Actually the training isn't just learning slow motion, I once thought about whether I should brink slow too. Before the shoot I already knew about this 10 minute long action scene. At first I thought it would be done in post production, but actually it had to be performed live. Because everyone had different flexibility, the action designs were all different." Chung Han Leung said that he went to train when he was not at work. He originally thought it would be very easy because he had a dance and action background. However it was not as he has imagined. For slow motion even the joints had to coordinate. After learning about slow motion he found out that each movement had to be analyzed very thoroughly! Zhao Wei felt that she learned decently and had some natural responses. This scene was their case, a disaster scene!"

This time all the actors who were in this slow action shot had to learn in two months. Raymond Wong Ho Yin, Michael Tse Tin Wa and others everyday would use their break to train. They had to stretch. Wong Ho Yin said that their physical abilities were also trained. They even had to learn to walk. For this scene no one dared to be lazy because no one wanted to affect others!

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