Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Chan Kwok Kwan and Hedwig Tam play a ocuple
Emme Wong and Chan Kwok Kwan with their son Chan Chun
A gang drags Hedwig Tam while Chan Kwok Kwan tries to save her
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Artists Chan Kwok Kwan, Gabriel Harrison (Hoi Chun Kit), Tony Ho Wa Chiu and Hedwig Tam Sin Yin earlier worked on their new film GOO WAT JAI JAI (WISE SONNY, tentative title) in the Yau Ma Tei fruit market. For the mob fight the team used several dozen extras with pipes in their hands. As soon as the director gave the order they roared as metal clangs echoed.

Chan Kwok Kwan earlier while working on another film injured his foot and was still recovering. However he tried to perform his own stunts as much as possible, only using a double on some of the scenes. He said, "Originally I had a movie that would start production in September, now it will have to be postponed until October." Speaking of working with the child star in the film, the father of one said, "I am reminded of Chan Chun at home! He is my official model, he looks different everyday so I take pictures of him everyday. (Will you try for another?) Having a girl would be the best!"

The extras dragged Tam Yin Sin along the floor that day. She said, "Originally it would have gone on longer, the director didn't want me to get too hot so he shortened the path. I really lacked fight scene experience, I have injured my arms before." Hoi Chun Kit actually has already moved to Beijing. He revealed that he has adapted to the environment there and has already built a social circle.

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