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The animated feature ICE AGE COLLISION COURSE made HK$ 2.5 million after two days in Hong Kong. Its voice actors Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Kabby Hui Nga Ting, Sam Lee Chan Sam and Jim Yan yesterday attended an audience appreciation event and played games with the audience and gave away prizes.

Chau Sau Na with the film IGIRL won the Internet Film segment Best Actress at the Asian New Media Film Festival in Busan. Sister Na just returned from Korea and said that after the award she celebrated with co-workers. She also stayed an extra day to visit and eat. She said, "The entire street was filled with Oppa, I took a few more glances. I also saw many Song Joong-Ki cardboard cut out. I have seen DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN, and I am more of a Song Hye-Kyo fan." Yet speaking of IGIRL being released in Hong Kong cinemas and not an online film, her award was under question. Sister Na said that the film was released at the movies in Hong Kong, but the investor was a Mainland online platform and in the Mainland it was exclusively released online. This time 7 out of the 9 members on the jury came from the Mainland, the fairness was also under question. Sister Na said, "This year was the first year, I was already very happy to be notified about the nomination and be able to attend. Actually movies that were released at the cinemas would have subject restrictions, but online they would have another creative space and even greater freedom. As for the voting and judging standard, I didn't get an in depth understanding. It is a good thing for the first time to have a start!" As for some directors' criticism, Sister Na felt that for a performance no matter the platform, as an actor she would be happy as long as her fans, internet users and viewers liked it. It was also a great encouragement for the team. She understood that criticism would always have two sides. Would she be upset? She said, "Today I am very happy, what trouble haven't I been through?"

Hui Nga Ting provided her voice for the first time. She was happy that the result was better than she expected and more focused than when she was singing. However this time she had to play cute as a princess, which was very different from her usually tough sounding ways. Thus when she heard her own voice she felt sick. Usually when she was dating she would be that way too, but she was not dating right now. Everyone around her were just good friends.

Sister Na, Candy Lo Hau Yam, Endy Chow Kwok Yin, Kate Yeung Kei, Janet Ma Sze Wai and daughters Kayla Wong Man Hei and Irisa Wong Lai Ka two nights ago attended a cosmetic event. Lo Hau Yam revealed that she was busy with a film and also had to prepare her husband So Ho Choi's concert clothing for his band Kolor's August performance. However Lo Hau Yam said that she would have to work on the movie on the night of the show and would not be able to attend. She has not made a movie in five years and was afraid of not getting enough rest from having to work at night. However she was able to get used to the heat now because winter movies would always be shot in the summer and she would have to get into the water in the winter.

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