Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Nicholas Tse spends 300 million on his new 4D film
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Two nights ago Nicholas Tse Ting Fung as the Digital Domain Greater Chinese Asia Pacific Region commander and chair attended the first global and Greater Chinese strategy announcement in Beijing. 13 years ago he already stepped on in the digital world when he opened in 2003 the special effect production company Post Production Office in Hong Kong and officially began his journey as an entrepreneur. At the press conference, Digital Domain chief Xie An told Ting Fung not to make movies. "You are too great! Don't make movies anymore, just directly manage the company. You can use VR to replace you in movies."

Ting Fung at the event revealed that the company will continue to develop in the Great Chinese region and even the Asia Pacific region media, entertainment and technology world. Ting Fung invested HK$ 300 million on China's first 4D cuisine film COOK UP A STORM (FUNG MEI GONG WU ji KUET JIN SIK SUN). Aside from the visual 3D experience, the film also added a scented experience. Ting Fung earlier put on an apron in a butchering scene, but the pork on the chopping board attracted a lot of flies. The crew had to help to drive them away with bug spray before the shoot could take place.

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