Wednesday, July 27, 2016


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The Pegasus release BOUNTY HUNTERS will be released on the 28th. Earlier the Korean long legged Oppa Lee Min-Ho with director Terra Shin, actors Tiffany Tang Yan, Karena Ng Chin Yu, Louis Fan Siu Wong and Jeremy Jones Xu (Tsui Ching Hei) visited three advanced screenings in Whampoa. When the actors passed through the audience into the room, fans screamed like mad. Everyone took a photo with 600 viewers.

BOUNTY HUNTER was Lee Min-Ho's first Chinese film and it was the first time he came to Hong Kong to promote his film. Earlier within 29 hours after arriving in Hong Kong, Oppa attended shopping center events, the premiere and at the last second before leaving Hong Kong he stepped into a Hong Kong cinema for the first time to share his memorable production experience. Lee Min-Ho said, "This was my first overseas collaboration, during the shoot I was a little nervous. I am happy to have run into a good cast. Something else interesting is my kiss scene with Baby, Baby is the Fan Siu Wong played all purpose butler."

Lee Min-Ho in the film set off romantic spark with Tang Yan. They not only kissed three times but also Lee Min-Ho would force the antidote into the poisoned Fan Siu Wong with a kiss. For his first Chinese film, Lee Min-Ho gave himself 70 points. He felt that even though he gave his all every time, regret was inevitable. He promised to be even better next time.

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