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With all the trouble Gregory Wong has been in, he urges Catherine Chau not to be too impulsive or stubborn
Gregory Wong gains 20 pounds to play the middle aged character
Catherine Chau loses 6 pounds to play the role and stays in shape
Creative singer Eva Chan's WE'RE NOT AFRAID has become THE MENU theme song
Gregory Wong and Catherine Chau reprise their television roles in THE MENU
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"God" Gregory Wong Chung Hiu and Catherine Chau Ka Yi in the film THE MENU (DOH FOR SUN MUN SIN) continued to play their television series characters. Chau Ka Yi continued to play Fong Yi but has been promoted to editor. Wong Chung Hiu remained reporter Lok Ka Fai (Lord Fai). In order to play the masculine middle aged guy Wong Chung Hiu spent months to gain almost 20 pounds and performed with a belly. He said, "Gaining weight is very pleasant, I don't have to stay in shape and work out. I eat what I want. However the worst part is having to lose the weight after the performance and return to my previous state." Chau Ka Yi was just the opposite, losing 5 to 6 pounds for her performance. She said that she easily gained and lost weight. At her heaviest she was 122 pounds in school, she said that she was so fat she could not even see her neck. Now she is 103 pounds. The television series THE MENU had decent rating and word of mouth during its HKTV run. Now it has been made into a film, was they worried about the box office? Wong Chung Hiu stated that he was because now attracting an audience is very hard. They said that the film's selling point was a domestic film with a lot of Hong Kong spirit, everyone would be able to relate to it. They hoped that everyone would support domestic production. Wong Chung Hiu said, "Before and after the release many attractive Chinese films will be released. I hope to bring a group of viewers to go to watch Chinese films and watch our film along the way."

Some said that Wong Chung Hiu during the production was quite troublesome with a lot of opinions. Wong Chung Hiu admitted to being a troublemaker. Chau Ka Yi instead did not feel Wong Chung Hiu was troublesome or hard to get along with. She only thought that he was impulsive to a fault, stubborn and joked that only the dumb spoke up. However she praised him for being hard working, doing everything himself in order to do his best. Did Wong Chung Hiu have a lot of enemies? He denied that and instead that many friends supported him. Later he will director and many have offered to help. Has Chau Ka Yi offered? Chau Ka Yi said, "I won't participate because I know the film needs fresher actors, maybe next time!"

THE MENU theme song WE'RE NOT AFRAID is Eva Chan Sze Wai's work. When she first wrote the song she wanted to sing it herself. She never thought that it would become THE MENU's theme song. She revealed that the song was written in February. At the time she saw a lot of social injustice, Hong Kong people were unhappy and had many different voices. She said, "Looking back, everyone was in harmony, very happy, the society was great. How did it come to this! So through the song I told my feeling and hoped that the society would be harmonious, accepting of different voices. The boss heard it, felt it was very suitable for THE MENU and used it for the theme song."

Chan Sze Wai is a creative singer. In the past 11 years she has written almost 200 commercial love songs. In the future she will stay close to the society and create with social subjects. She will also jump out of the music world and act for the first time in August in YOU FROM THE SPACE POD.

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