Tuesday, July 19, 2016


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Wilfred Lau does not have to tell Joey Yung about his seduction scene because it is no big deal
Annie Liu works on another horror film
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Ng Wai Shan steals Anita Chui's thunder
With the way Anita Chui is dressed, Annie Liu and Wilfred Lau keep their eyes to themselves
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The film YAU YI YUEN (YOUNG CHILD GRUDGE) yesterday held a production start ceremony. Attending actors included Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Anita Chui Bik Ka and Ng Wai Shan. During the photo shoot Ng Wai Shan had wardrobe malfunction several times.

Once worked for TVB and HKTV, the 39 year old Ng Wai Shan after leaving television liberated herself. She said that she lost weight for the film. She was also without any underwear because earlier while shooting in Malaysia the crew provided her with a pair that slipped off from perspiration. She felt embarrassed and just took it off. She even said, "I am going all in on this wager, I showed off a little in the film but not everything. It's just conceptually daring." Since she took such a risk, was the salary very sizable? Ng Wai Shan said, "To me I am very gratified, but not enough for a down payment for a home."

Another sexy star Chui Bik Ka was asked if she shared any advice with Ng Wai Shan. She said, "My performance experience is very light, the most important is to take the full safety precaution." Was she worried that her spotlight would be stolen? She said no. "I am only guest starring as a model. (Did you run into strong competition?) I don't know, I might not be able to accept anything too extreme. I haven't gone commando, it would depend on the situation. I have tried without wearing one in another film. (If you have to dress like Ng Wai Shan would you?) I would consider it, I am afraid that my figure wouldn't be able to handle it."

The sexy Ng Wai Shan seduced Lau Ho Lung in the film, he said that she was possessed in the scene. She had a towel on. Ng Wai Shan said that her costumes were sexier than lingerie. He said, "Then she is too conservative. (Did you tell your girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi before hand?) I don't need to, I am a professional actor. (Have you seen your girlfriend in a towel?) I can't answer that." In the funeral business in the film, Lau Ho Lung after a funeral scene in Malaysia went to the bathroom and realized that he was locked in. Later the crew broke down the door. He was not frightened but his co-workers were scared stiff. He said, "They said something was in the bathroom, but I am pretty scientific. With so many people going to the bathroom, the lock got worn out."

Sum Yau said that she went to Malaysia for the shoot. Although she did not run into anything supernatural, afterward she realized that the two hotels she stayed in were notorious for being haunted. In the hotel room she saw a moth that was the size of her palm, she was so terrified that she slept with the cover over her head all night. With her sexy co-stars Ng Wai Shan and Chui Bik Ka, Sum Yau joked that she did not dare to look at them either.

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