Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Angie Cheong, Eric Suen
Rachel Chau
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Eric Suen Yiu Wai, Angie Cheong Wei Yee, Mak Cheung Ching and Lemon Yip Chi Yu last night attended the charity film OUR DAYS (NGOR MOON DIK 6E BAN) production wrap banquet. Injuring his left hand during the shoot, Eric said that earlier he went to the doctor and discovered that his hand was fractured and bone fragments remained in his hand. Fortunately the doctor suggested that if the swelling could be reduced he would not require surgery to remove the fragments.

Suen Yiu Wai said that during the mark tests their attitude was serious, thus an extra injured his hand with a flashlight. At the time his thumb was already red, swollen and in extreme pain. He said, "At first I thought it was no big deal, but it hurt more and more as the shoot went on. A month after the wrap I finally went to the doctor. The hand bone was fractured and bone fragments remained in the hand." Eric said that his hand injury has not affected his other jobs. His girlfriend Macy Chen Mei Sze must be heartbroken. He said, "She went to the doctor with me. After she found about the fracture she immediately cried, got all emotional like she was acting. I thought she didn't have to be so dramatic, to a man it was no big deal."

Playing a new immigrant in the film, Cheong Wei Yee said that her character was tragic as a victim of domestic abuse. With most of her scenes with children, she said that during the shoot she was reminded of her own son. "At first I asked him if he would be willing, after asking about the character and the story he said that he wouldn't be because he said that he wouldn't let Papa treat Mama that way." Cheong Wei Yee appreciated her son's opinion but for now would not consider working with her son on a series. She said, "Messing around like in a commercial is fine, he is still too little. However I have brought him to business meetings so he would know that it's not easy for Mama to make money."

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