Tuesday, July 12, 2016


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The immortal superstar Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing has left us for a long time. With this year being his 60th birthday, the LesFanmily memorial concert took place in Tokyo on the 9th to commemorate this forever superstar; this was the second memorial event after the April 2nd Hong Kong LesFanmily event. Leo Ku Kui Ke was again invited to participate and performed many songs. Gei Jai actually adjusted his schedule to attend each show to remember "Gor Gor".

Last Saturday, Ku Kui Ke attended the Japanese performance to remember Gor Gor in a white suit. He performed STARTING FROM ZERO, MONICA and other Gor Gor classic hits; Gor Gor's good friend Daffy Tong Hok Tak also attended.

Tong Tong put his hands together and thanked the Gor Gor fans, and posed for photos backstage with Gei Jai and Gor Gor's former manger and friend Chan Suk Fun. In addition, Japanese musicians and dancers who have worked with Gor Gor also shared their experience with the audience and remembered Gor Gor. Chan Suk Fun presented a crystal crane that the Les Fanmily designed to Ge Jai. It was a music box with Gor Gor's songs to thank Gei Jai for his performance and support for the establishment of the LesFanmily this year.

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