Saturday, October 7, 2017


Francis Ng Jacquelin Chong 
Ken Wong
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Jacquelin Chong Sze Man recently in order to see her idol Francs Ng Chun Yu offered to guest star in new director Sunny Chan Wing Sun's new film MAN ON THE DRAGON (MAN SHUI CHIN SHAN JUNG WAN). Even though they did not have any scene together, a photo with Brother Chun Yu was already the greatest reward and benefit. Jacquelin excitedly said, "Actually in the film my co-star is the hunk (Ken) Wong Tak Bun. Although before hand I already knew I would have no scene with Brother Chun Yu, I was already excited when I learned that he would be on the set that day."

During the shoot, Jacquelin described herself exactly like a little fan. She did not dare to approach Brother Chun Yu despite seeing him from afar. Then with the arrangement of the crew she finally got her first photo. Maybe because she was nervous, the photo was less than ideal. However Brother Chun Yu took another one with her and even made a cute pose. She was very pleased. "Brother Chun Yu is quite a gentleman, very friendly, this time the successful photo together is a good start. I hope to fight for the chance to work with Brother Chun Yu next time."

Another benefit for her this time was playing a couple with Wong Tak Bun. They even had a teenager son. In the film she got a taste of holding a very masculine Tak Bun tightly. Jacquelin of course was very excited to be able to get close to two gods at once.

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