Sunday, October 15, 2017


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Checkley Sin Kwok Lam, Shek Sau, Leung Siu Lung and others yesterday attended an opening. Speaking of artists leaving Wong Cho Lam's entertainment company, Master Sin said that he has been taking note of his nephew's news. "Actually Cho Lam really puts an effort into the company, but maybe he didn't expect that he would be too busy himself. I have been a manager, sometimes when you are busy you may not be able to take care of the artists." Master Sin said that although artists left, he believed that their relationships with Cho Lam did no change. Vivian Lai Shui Yan was still friends with him for example. As for manager advice for Cho Lam, Master Sin said, "I am not great at it, but when I sign artists I definitely would give them the chance to perform. For example my new film earlier might no have ideal box office performance but had great word of mouth, now it has over 100 booked shows."

Leung Siu Lung just returned from Shenyang. He said that he, Ti Lung and Sammo Hung Kam Bo were working on a Zhao Benshan produced new web series. When as if it had action scenes galore, he said, "What do you think? I just finished another fight film, Zhao Wenzhou, Chan Kwok Kwan and On Chi Kit took turns to fight me, the three of them against me." Leung Siu Lung said that he would not return to Hong Kong film until January next year. He admitted that his age was very advantageous in the Mainland market, but only he, Hung Kam Bo, Yuen Wah, Tsui Siu Keung, Louis Fan Siu Wong learned how to fight in the film industry.

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