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Gordon Lam Ka Tung in the horror film ALWAYS BE WITH YOU (SEUNG JOI NEI JOR YAU) played a worker who stole of Ava Liu (Yu Kiu)'s burial offering to gamble. The most memorable scene was when he opened the coffin to take the wedding bracelet. He said, "Yu Kiu's makeup was pretty fresh and pretty scary. In our traditional the ghost in red is fierce, with a grudge. When you see it you wouldn't feel fun at all and have a lot of pressure. Actually I would be scared and uncomfortable." Because the character was a gambling addict, he put a lot of thought into his costume including the color scheme. He even wore down the new clothes to make them look old. Even he asked the team whether there was no funding so he had to wear old clothes. He admitted that this time the production was tougher. "In one scene the debt collectors were chasing me. I didn't use a double or padding. The director wanted me to tough it out, I had to get it done in two takes."

ALWAYS was the 20th anniversary commemoration of the film TROUBLESOME NIGHT (YUM YEUNG LO). Ka Tung participated in the classic film series for the first time and stated that he did not watch the previous films before the shoot. "Participating for the first time would give me a sense of freshness. I am afraid that watching the previous 19 films would affect my performance." He also said that the director kept looking for change. Each horror film would have a different style. Thus it probably would not have a lot of similar scenes from before. As for becoming the new "ghost king", he said that he could not possible surpass Simon Loui Yu Yeung. Instead he wanted try comedy and romance. After almost 30 years in the business, Ka Tung actually rarely made horror films. "So far everyone feels I have made mostly crime films. I think I have made less than four or five horror films, but I worked with Yau Lai To on several. Although I didn't have a lot of experience, we definitely had chemistry. He gave me space to perform, which would make an actor the happiest." He admitted that during the shoot he would have discussions with the director in hopes of bringing the character to life.

Would Ka Tung consider horror films as a producer? He said, "I always feel horror films are hard to make because the atmosphere is very important. I don't know how to deal with the script either. TROUBLESOME NIGHT was so successful, we can't be too different. I have to talk with the producer about how to make it. I want to challenge myself a little too."

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