Sunday, September 8, 2019


Philip Yung remembers Chui Bo Chu
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Jet Li visited Chui Bo Chu many times while she was ailing
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Famous director and gold label producer Chui Bo Chu has created countless classic films like NEW LEGEND OF SHAOLIN (FONG SAI YUK), FIST OF LEGEND (JING MO YING HUNG), BODYGUARD FROM BEIJING (CHUNG NAM HOI BO BIU), CROUCHING TIGERH HIDDEN DRAGON (NGOR FU CHONG LUNG), FEARLESS (FOK YUEN GAP), KUNG FU HUSTLE (GONG FU), CJ7 (CHEUNG GONG CHUT HO) and CONFUCIUS. Great with people in the business, she passed away from lung cancer yesterday morning at age 72. Chow Yun Fat said, "I really miss her, I would always remember her."

Shu Qi and husband Stephen Fung Tak Lun both posted eulogies. Fung Tak Lun wrote, "To the highly respected Sister Bo Chu, thank you. Have a safe journey." Eva Huang Shengyi wrote, "I just heard the bad news, I remember my time on the Sister Bo Chu produced THE SORCERER AND THE WHITE SNAKE (BAK SEH CHUEN SUET), from KUNG FU HUSTLE to WHITE SNAKE I have been appreciative and grateful. Have a safe journey Sister Bo Chu."

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