Thursday, September 19, 2019


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Jeana Ho Pui Yu yesterday promoted her new film on the radio. She said that in it she played a female cop and had many action scenes. The film was shot in the summer last year, but her costume was a long black leather coat. Everyday she seemed to be washing her hair with sweat and her face was as red as Lord Guan's. Did she get hurt from any action scene? Jeana said that because the long coat wrapped her up tightly, she had no superficial wound -- only "internal injury". "In one scene I was undercover and was slammed onto a table. When I went for gua sha, the side that was slammed onto the table was bruised."

Jeana admitted that this time the character did not require her to be sexy. Perhaps because she was already 30 she did not need to be. She felt that each age had different stages and ideas. She too liked to play mature roles. Would she want a mature boyfriend too? She said, "Yes, I am afraid of giving people the people like I am with a kid." She said that she was still single but she was in no hurry. She thought about freezing her eggs but she would wait until she had time to do it. For girls it would be an extra assurance.

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