Tuesday, September 10, 2019


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Veteran director Ricky Chan passed away from cancer in Canada

Nora Miao confirms the news of her brother's passing
Josephine Siao's PLAIN JANE was very popular
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Nora Miao (originally named Chan Wing Han)'s brother, classic comedy PLAIN JANE (LAM AH CHUN)'s writer and director Ricky Chan Ka Suen passed away from cancer in Canada on the 8th at age 73. Chan Ka Suen was the first Miss Hong Kong Elaine Sun Wing Yan's first husband. A veteran Hong Kong director, he formed a band in the 60s. Later he joined TVB as a screenwriter and director, mainly producing the variety program ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT. In mid 1990 he emigrated to Toronto, Canada and worked as a radio program host there. Two nights ago when the news spread, his Canadian Chinese radio Fairchild Radio Toronto's facebook account posted a black and white photo of Chan Ka Suen and announced the news of his death and a detailed account of his life.

In Toronto, Dominic Lam Ka Wa has worked with Chan Ka Suen at the radio station for years. He said that Chan Ka Suen host a music program and over a month ago he took time off. He did not tell anyone that he was ill. Then he received the news from Nora Miao and everyone was shocked to hear about Chan Ka Suen's passing.

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