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14 year old Ankie Beilke with Lai Suen
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Ankie Lau Heung Ping spent over four years to plan the film THE WISHING TREE (YUT FOR SUM JUNG DIK "HUI YUEN SHU") as a director, producer, executive producer and screenwriter. Earlier advanced screenings for the film began to take and the film will be officially released in November.

Lau Heung Ping two nights ago visited many cinemas for audience appreciation events. After the screenings viewers praised the film as touching and sentimental. One special screening was for the hearing impaired. She did not expect that they would give a score of over 90 despite not being able to hear the wonderful music and the exciting dialogue, just from subtitles alone. She was very surprised as she got a shot of confidence.

A WISHING TREE was about Kim, a girl who was born in the U.S. but grew up in Hong Kong. Due to her parents' separation she went to study in Germany. Ankie Beilke (Bui On Kei) played the character that after growing up returned to her beloved Hong Kong to find her roots. In the film Lai Suen guest starred.

Director Lau Heung Ping said, "Years ago I produced, wrote, directed and starred in a film. A WISHING TREE is that film's continuation. The 14 year old Bui On Kei played her daughter and Aunt Suen played Bui On Kei's grandmother. The film was entirely in English and Aunt Suen personally delivered her lines!"

When she was preparing for A WISHING TREE, Lau Heung Ping also hoped very much for Aunt Suen to perform again. Originally the granddaughter returned to Hong Kong to look for her long lost grandmother, but due to Aunt Suen's age her family did not want her to be too exhausted and turned it own. Thus the script was written as a regretful memories, a flashback to the previous film. Michelle Yim (Mai Suet) in A WISHING TREE played a Tai Po village aunt. Mai Suet accompanied Bui On Kei on her search in Hong Kong and brought out many touching stories.

Lau Heung Ping hoped A WISHING TREE could make everyone cherish the true love between people. The film had a story of real love and was filled with Hong Kong colors, especially despite the difference between Chinese and Western cultures they were able to live in harmony. Through the film she hoped to bring more positive energy to Hong Kong people.

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