Wednesday, May 12, 2021


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Appearing wild and strong, Sukie Chung Shu Kei earlier worked on the music video for the film ELISA'S DAY (WAI OI) theme song DREAM ALL DREAMS. She sentimentally dissected the importance of family to her and showed her tender side. Sukie said, "My role at home is telling jokes all the time, making the atmosphere at home very relaxed. I hope my parents would sense how I get involved at home. Family has always been the most important, although I don't really know how to express the love inside. I am not someone who can casually say 'I love you', 'I miss you', but I am learning to express myself through action. I would always force myself to do something cheesy, sometimes after saying 'I love you' I would shiver myself. Actually everyday is Mother's Day, the most important is to love Mommy just as much everyday!"

Before recording DREAM ALL DREAMS, Sukie got a special understanding of the touching story of the film's characters. Sukie revealed, "I believe every young people would have their own dreams, especially every girl would look forward to the future, pursue happiness, but the actual environment may force them to give up. Like Hanna Chan and To Hei Ling's characters in the film, born benevolent and love those around them more than themselves, luckily in the film they had big brother Cheng Chung Kei to watch over them! In real life, my husband has always been by my side and never abandoned me. This time we even guest starred in this film together, we completely can't be separated!"

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