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Mario Maurer says that Charlene Choi contains many flavors, like Tom Yung Kung; while Pakho Chau is the very popular dish Pad Kra Pao
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Mario has a romance with Ah Sa in the film

On his first day of work Mario already has to fight Pakho Chau in the ring
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The film 77 HEARTWARMINGS (GUMG DONG TA 77 CHI) will open on May 14th in Hong Kong. "Thai god" Mario Maurer participated. It was even his first Hong Kong film. He described it as a valuable opportunity that was more than he could have asked for. "Many Thai people love Hong Kong films. I am a Hong Kong film fan, I love comedy, drama, action films, and all. The most memorable was the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI) series. I was very excited to be able to work on a movie in Hong Kong for the first time!" Mario with films like FIRST LOVE and PEE MAK PHRAKANONG won over countless Asian film fans. In comparison to Thailand, did he have any new experience from working in Hong Kong? He said, "Production wise there aren't too many differences. Because Hong Kong was so packed, finding location seemed to be uneasy. Communication wasn't a problem. Hong Kong people's English is great, but for me, remembering my lines was a little tough. I had to practice them many times before hand. Luckily director Yau Lai To and screenwriter Li Man helped me a lot. Interpreting this character was a tremendous challenge."

Since he was a Hong Kong film fan, Mario of course has seen Yau Lai To directed films. What surprised him was how much variety was in Director Yau's style and subjects. "Before I watched a very horrifying film called UNTOLD STORY, when I took 77 HEARTWARMINGS I didn't know that its director was the same person who made UNTOLD! I said to Ah Sa that I couldn't imagine both films were by the same director. I also told Director Yau I wanted to make a horror film. The director said fine, next time when he would have the chance he would ask me!" Mario summed up working on 77 HEARTWARMINGS was very pleasant experience. "Ah Sa is a great actor, very friendly. Pakho Chau is also a very easygoing person. On the first day we worked together, it was the ring scene. Although the action was a little difficult, we still had a lot of fun. I am very fortunate to have worked with them!"

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