Thursday, May 13, 2021


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"Professional Film Audio Description Training Class" will begin on July 3rd. Yesterday at the launch ceremony, filmmakers Tin Kai Man and John Chong Ching attended to show their support. Tin Gai revealed that he was invited to participate in this project, which interested him. "My storytelling and voice dubbing is passable, but people could tell my voice even when disguised. They would think it's funny. As an actor would I be able to perform crying scenes?"

Tin Gai said that recently he is still busy with the preparation for Liu Kai Chi's unfinished project TAKE TWO (FAN DAU YUN SUN). He pointed out that originally it was planned to start production in June, but because the script that the screenwriter wrote differed from the original intent, another screenwriter has joined in. Currently it is still being edited, but spark could gradually be seen. Tin Gai pointed out that TAKE was the final film to receive assistance from the Hong Kong Film Development Fund's Film Production Grant, the condition of which was to start production within this year. The assistance upper limit would be 20% of the production cost. Tai Gai said, "When we applied the production cost was HK$ 8.5 million, so at most we would receive HK$ 1.7 million in assistance. Because this would be the project's final film, it would be very meaningful. Thus I hope it would come to fruition, then I could answer to Uncle Chi and myself!" Tin Gai also said that although currently he still did not dare to look for actors and he still had no idea of who would take Uncle Chi's role, but many actors have raised their hands to volunteer and be willing to perform without condition.

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