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Despite being fanned and having a fan blowing right at her, Stephy Tang is still numb by the heat

Before taking her mark, Stephy Tang covers her face
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Stephy Tang Lai Yun earlier was working on her new film in the heat, which left her without any expression. However as soon as she took her mark her soul would return and she would perform very professionally! Director Aubrey Lam Oi Wa revealed her "iron man chronicle", in over 30 degree Celsius heat she wore a heavy winter coat and took a slap but still gave a perfect performance!

Tang Lai Yan recently has been busy with the Lam Oi Wa directed film TWELVE DAYS (12 YUT). Earlier they shot a scene in Sheung Wan where she was tricked into hard labor. On the set, with bags after bags in her hands, Stephy walked back and forth under the scorching sun. Due to the rather stuffy climate, she was drenched in sweat from all the walking. Before cameras rolled she carried a little fan and frowned. However as soon as cameras rolled she was back in full character and her mood unaffected by the "sticky" climate. Under the pandemic, the entire team spared no effort in prevention. Even with the heat no one cheated and removed their masks. Stephy in order to keep from ruining her make up was unable to wear a mask, but she still covered up her face.

As for Stephy's super strong tolerance for the heat, Lam Oi Wa pointed out that this time was "child's play". Actually earlier they shot a New Year's Even countdown scene. Stephy wore a thick coat, a sweater and even a scarf in the stuffy climate! Lam Oi Wa said, "That scene was an emotional scene, (Edward) Ma Chi Wai had to slap her. She did very well. She even made some workers tear eyed. After the scene, the hundred and some extras applauded and cheered. It really was like a countdown!"

In addition, Stephy's Taiwan boyfriend Prince Chiu on his live social media broadcast declined to mention her and led to breakup rumors. The director said that at work she has been very professional and did not behave any differently.

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