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Tin Kai Man was a guest on Yeung Pan Pan's program and tried Sister Pan Pan's Shanghainese dish "Lion Head". With a passion for show business since childhood, Tai Gai in order to get into the business studied Choy Li Fut fist since he was little. He hoped to have an extra skill to be able to get into show business with, and claimed to be a martial art expert. "At the time I practiced on the roof, I always thought I was capable. I thought after studying kung fu I would get into the business easier, but after getting into the business whenever I had action scene I got hurt. Then I realized this business (action actor) wasn't right for me. Actually I now feel action actor's salary is too low, not enough to see the bonesetter with. Every action actor is bruised and battered, so I respect them more for using action to make a living."

Tai Gai continued, his first job in the business was an extra on television but his family did not support him. "They thought show business wasn't suitable for me, saying that I had no advantage over others. They would be very worried. However I wanted to get into the business, so I turned my back on my family. They even said, 'When you have no job you will understand'. Who knew that they would be right, for awhile I didn't have job. I reached rock bottom, spent all my savings, so I could only look for a normal job. On the day of the interview, I got a call to hire me for 'location scout' -- to checkout the production location." Tai Gai had a memorable experience as an extra. "One day I saw a black and white film era lead actor, who now is a support player. I thought 'Playing the lead doesn't mean you are the lead for life, the time would come when you would be eliminated'. Thus I started to sense a crisis and I had to improve myself; another crisis appeared when I was with (Stephen) Chow Sing Chi, at the time many people would say Tai Gai who follows Chow Sing Chi, but I thought 'what would happen if he retires?'"

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