Sunday, February 4, 2018


Fiona Sit
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The film GIRLS 2 will open on the 8th in Hong Kong. Director Barbara Wong Chun Chun earlier explained the film release postponement reasons on facebook live. She said that one of the focus was the leads Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Janine Chang and Ivy Chen's nude scene on the beach. "Because (they) were naked, it was sexier. For the censors and other areas we needed to edit but I didn't want to. So it dragged on and on, but now all the problems have been taken care of."

In the film Sit Hoi Ke and Janine Chang held a bachelorette trip to Vietnam for the soon to wed Ivy Chen, but instead the duo began a war with gangsters. They sang in a mansion, Janine Chang surprised people with her fluent Vietnamese song performance. This scene looked simple but Janine Chang for this scene spent time on practicing Vietnamese. On the set she had a cheat sheet. However Janine Chang's Vietnamese song was no match for Sit Hoi Kei, who went into the Master's Bedroom with the mob boss. Sit Hoi Kei's bed scene was very quite a draw but she got into trouble in the room, forcing her, Janine Chang and Ivy Chen on the run!

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