Thursday, February 8, 2018


Emily Kwan breaks her diet for one day for durian
Emily Kwan has her mouth sewn shut
Emily Kwan gets into shape while making the film
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Emily Kwan Bo Wai, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Alex Lam Tak Shun and Richard Ng Yiu Hon earlier worked on a new film in Malaysia. Kwan Bo Wai had her mouth sewn shut! Although it looked very scary, she joked, "Actually this was an advantage because there was too much to eat was over! They were just delicious but cheap too! With the mouth sewn shut I had a reason to resist such temptation, because each time I worked I insisted on staying a shape during the shoot."

Kwan Bo Wai also had special effect make up on her hands so going to the bathroom was rather inconvenient as well. She even stopped drinking water! She said that she was determined. "I can't get fat at work! Even after an all night shoot I still would 'get in full gear' before I went to bed. (Did you break the diet as soon as the production wrapped?) Of course! I had durian and noodle, several meals a day!"

Kwan Bo Wai admitted that she could only let loose for awhile. Aside from a ViuTV program later she, Rain Lau Yuk Chui and Mok Ka Hiu and other Performing Art Academy alumni had to rehearse a play for a year end run. "The script is still being translated, after that a table read would take place. (Would it be very difficult?) Sure, because my character overseas would mostly go to top actors. I don't dare to say I am at that level and the run would be a dozen or so shows." She also sad that this was her first collaboration with Lau Yuk Chui after graduation and she looked forward to it very much. "I deeply believe after rehearsal we would all be ready, the result would probably be great. However I really never thought that 30 years went in the blink of an eye since graduation!"

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