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The cast surprises the audience
Dayo Wong and Charmaine Sheh are happy about the box office success of the film
Justin Cheung and girlfriend Kelly Chen Ka Lei
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The stand up comedy god Dayo Wong Tze Wah starred Lunar New Year film accumulated over HK$ 10 million from its Valentine's Day advanced screenings, its opening two days ago and the Lunar New Year's Day yesterday, finally avenging his directed and starred film FIGHTING TO SURVIVIE's HK$ 110,000 box office shame and ridding himself of the "box office title"! Tze Wah two nights ago attended the audience appreciation event.

Tze Wah two nights ago with Sheh Sze Man, C Kwan, Justin Cheung Kin Sing and Kelly Chen Ka Lei attended their new film AGENT MR. CHAN's audience appreciation event in Mongkok. Tze Wah said that good audience reaction and said, "I am happy, I read their online reaction. (Are you pleased with your box office?) I don't get to not be pleased, I am new in film. Such a performance is great. This is just a start, I hope to have a next step! (Can you get rid of the 'box office poison' title?) I am the happiest about that the audience know this film is a comedy, but not absurdity. It is a serious movie! (Ah Sheh is lucky for you?) That goes without saying, for the next installment Ah Sheh save a place for me!" Tze Wah said passing 10 million at the box office, "I have to sincerely thank the audience and so many superstars in the film for their support. I hope to be able to like Mr. Chan in the film, people can take a look at themselves and world peace!"

Sheh Sze Man said that she was very honored to work with Tze Wah again and said just like him she rushed to the movie after having dinner with her family. Cheung Kin Sing said that he was so busy that he did not have time to spend with girlfriend Chen Ka Lei on Valentine's Day. C Kwan revealed that he will work on the Cheung Kin Sing produced new film.

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