Wednesday, February 14, 2018


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Raymond Chiu pretends to embrace Yui Hatano, much to the envy of many men
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he new film AGENT MR. CHAN (DUNG DUK DUT GUNG)'s Japanese adult video actress Yui Hatano two nights ago promoted at the Victoria Park Lunar New Year flower market with Raymond Chiu Wing Hung. Chiu Wing Hung taught Yui Hatano to say New Spring greetings in Cantonese like "Gung Hei Fat Choi" and Happy New Year. Yui admitted that Cantonese was very hard to learn but Chiu Wing Hung praised her for speaking it very well.

Having been to Hong Kong four times already, Yui felt that Hong Kong men were very gentle and attentive. She would like to visit Hong Kong again if the opportunity would arise again. She lamented on Valentine's Day yesterday that she has not dated in ten years and felt lonely. However she would go to the movies for audience appreciation events. Yui also said that she would not mind finding a Hong Kong companion. As for what she was looking for, Chiu Wing Hung taught Yui to choose him. Yui said, "That's right, Chiu Wing Hung during the shoot took great care of me and brought me into character. He was very gentle and very attentive." Chiu Wing Hung said that in the new film he only had a little physical contact with Yui but did not have any intimate scene. He praised her for her professionalism. Has he seen Yui's performance before? He joked, "I haven't followed them, does anyone have a private collection to show me? This time the director arranged for little physical contact, so I could only make a few more bad takes."

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