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Malaysian goddess Minchen Lin is super popular online, with almost 900,000 fans on Instagram. After the films VAMPIRE CLEAN UP DEPARTMENT (GAU GEUNG CHING DOH FU) and THE FATAL RAID (BUK YI JI JIN), most recently she came to Hong Kong for her first Hong Kong film ONE SEC (YUT MIU KING WONG). Earlier she and leads Endy Chow Kwok Yin, director and actor Chiu Sin Hang worked on the film at the Sam Mun Tsai pier for a barbecue and seaside chat scene.

Minchen played a smiling yoga instructor who brought other characters positive energy. Everyday she had to laugh nonstop. She said, "I watched videos for research. They were very effective. When people laugh they would have more endorphin to make people even happier! Everyday I laugh from the belly, my gums are sore from laughing!" During the interview, she showed her happy and active character as she suddenly spoke like the cartoon character Crayon Shinchan! Because this time she had a lot of Cantonese lines, the difficulty was very high for her. "I kept reciting even when bathing and walking!" A foodie, Minchen while in Hong Kong pigged out on her favorite curry fish ball. "Tsim Sha Tsui has two places where the fish balls are very tasty. Every time I come I have to have them. I can eat over 30 at once!" Speaking of working with Chow Kwok Yin, she praised him as a warm man like many Hong Kong men. He took great care of people and also would help with her Cantonese.

As for director Hang Jai he said that after finishing VAMPIRE he was less than healthy for a period. Thus he wanted to make a movie about the "One Sec Faith". As for casting Minchen again as the female lead, he stated that he needed a girl with a strong and infectious smile. "She gets 200 points! Last time the role had no dialogue, this time I had to want to give her something to say. For her speaking Cantonese is very hard, but she has a lot of determination. She learned all the lines and was able to say even the grammatical particles." In the film he and other male characters all had fight scenes. Before the shoot each day they trained for six hours.

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