Monday, November 18, 2019


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Benji Chiang, Poon Pak Chung, Jim Chim, Sam Lee, Cilla Lok

Sam Lee Chan Sam, Jim Chim Tsui Man, Benji Chiang Man Kit, Cilla Lok Tung and Poon Pak Chung yesterday recorded their Lunar New Year film DAI DOH YIN's theme song. Lee Chan Sam said that as the first time producer of Lunar New Year film and the founding film of the production company, he was both nervous and excited because the responsibility was huge. However he still treated it normally and did not have too much stress. This film mainly was a comedy and suitable for the Lunar New Year release date. This was his third turn as a film producer and had the most responsibilities. He also participated the most and learned a lot of new things, which felt rather fulfilling to him.

Chiang Man Kit not only performed but also wrote the theme song. At the director's request he wrote a rock flavored but fast paced song in hopes of bringing out the hot blooded youth feeling. Thus it also called out the feeling of his 20s. Lee Chan Sam though jokingly complained that the song was too high key and very hard to sing. Chiang Man Kit joked, "We are professionals, we won't drop the key because singers can't sing it!" Lok Tung also agreed with Lee Chan Sam. She just had salivary gland infection, even her face was swollen. She was taking antibiotics and she could barely breathed. Lee Chan Sam asked Lok Tung, "Do you sing? I am really sorry I didn't know. You have to watch out for this little brother, but I am a karaoke singer!" Lok Tung joked, "Then we have to go to karaoke and spar a little!"

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