Wednesday, November 20, 2019


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Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Michelle Wai Sze Nga and Chan Ka Sin were guest presenters at an event. Wai Sze Nga would turn 35 on the 24th. She said to Chan Ka Lok, "I am rich today. Ka Lok has always been ignorant, he probably hasn't thought about what to get me!" Ka Lok said, "I am not ignorant, I just am a tight wad, thrifty!" Sze Nga said that at the event she chose a gift. Ka Lok said that the skin care set was only several hundred and was worth once a year. Instead he has never received any gift from Sze Nga, at most it would be a birthday cake.

Sze Nga said that on her birthday she would celebrate with a colleague, who has the same birthday. As for birthday wish, she said, "Happiness is the most important, and having jobs to work on!" Sze Nga admitted that originally she had three movies that would be in production until early next year, but now they had to halt production. Ka Lok also had two films that delayed production. "This is a good time to improve myself. I can increase my knowledge. Most recently I am studying with an amazing but very expensive teacher Lam Lap Sa. I went with the company's newcomers to an acting class, which really opened my eyes. It turned my past acting methods around and I had to adjust anew!" He also said that Sze Nga was a "jerk". She wanted to observe the class without paying, and waned him to take notes for her.

Speaking of less work, Sze Nga stated that her income has been affected. She just bought a new home and has not finished paying it off. "Luckily I wasn't very daring, I didn't buy a home that I couldn't afford. I can only keep working hard!"

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