Wednesday, November 27, 2019


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Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Wu Yue, Chris Collins and film company boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming yesterday attended the IP MAN 4: THE FINALE Beijing press conference. As the film reached its fourth installment after ten years, Yen Chi tan said that film series usually would decline in quality by the third film. "However the IP MAN series' previous three films were just as beloved, I believe no one will be disappointed this time." He also said that this was not only the final installment of IP MAN but also his final kung fu film. "After making so many movies, I am almost done with kung fu films. IP MAN 4 will be my last kung fu film. I hope to be able to write a valuable chapter. I will also continue my journey as an actor."

Playing Bruce Lee in the film, Chan Kwok Kwan and Yen Chi Tan played master and disciple. At the press conference a master ceremony was held. He said that during the shoot he completely sensed the "master's" heroics. "As soon as Lord Tan arrives, everyone would quiet down as if the real Master Ip Man has truly arrived."

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