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Veteran action actor Chan Sing earlier passed away at age 82. He has made countless films, in the 60s and 70s he made mostly wuxia films and even performed in many classic films like ACES GO PLACE (JUI GAI PAK DONG) and THE BEAST (SHAN GAU). John Chiang Dai Wai who started at the same period as Chan Sing lamented his passing and praised him as a kind and good man.

When the veteran actor Chan Sing passed away, his wife contacted her husband's good friend Ng See Yuen right away. Ng See Yuen said, "He passed away on September 4th in Indonesia. Without any pain or illness, he passed away in his sleep." He also said that Chan Sing immigrated to Canada years ago. In recent years he has settled in Indonesia. Last year he returned to Hong Kong. At the time he revealed that he was not in a great place financially. Ng See Yuen immediately offered help with the Hong Kong Stuntman Association. "At the time we didn't ask the reason, we lent a hand right away. Chin Ka Lok (Association president" immediately helped. When he learned tha Chan Sing passed away, he asked if he could help with anything right away." Ng See Yuen even said that Chan Sing has one son, a great piano player. Unfortunately he passed away from cancer two years ago. At the time Chan Sing could not be more heartbroken.

Chan Sing started in the business in the 60s. A second generation disciple of wuxia film grandmaster director Chang Cheh, he performed in RETURN OF THE ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN (DUK BEI DOH WONG) and HERO OF THE WILD (DAI MO SI YU SIU BIU HAK). He started in the same period as Tommy Tam (Ti Lung) and John Chiang Dai Wai. In the early 70s, Chan Sing after leaving Chang Cheh worked with Ng See Yuen on movies like THE BLODDY FISTS (TONG KAU TAN) and THE GOOD AND THE BAD (NGOR FU KONG LUNG) as the lead. Because of his tough guy and mustache image he was called the "Hong Kong Charles Bronson". Then he commuted between Hong Kong and Taiwan and made many action wuxia films. Yet due to the mixed quality of the films his career was unable to go to another level.

In the 80s, Chan Sing began to participate in other companies different genre films, including the Sam Hui Koon Kit starred ACES GO PLACES and the classic cult film THE BEAST. In 1996 he retired from film and immigrated overseas. Susan Shaw Yam Yaum who worked with him on many films expressed regret and praised Chan Sing as Mr. Nice Guy. "He has no temper, kind, simple, tough, one nice guy." Chiang Dai Wai said, "I worked with him on many wuxia films like THE HEROIC ONES (SUP SAM TAI BO). He mostly played villains, but I haven't had contact with him in the past decade or two because he immigrated. (In your impress what kind of person was he?) He was very nice, very big. When we worked together we were very happy. I lamented the news of his death."

Chan Sing's THE BEAST co-star Eddie Chan (Ai Dik) said, "Oh! Sorry to hear that! In my memory, Sing Gor was a very kind elder. Although he and I didn't have too many scenes together, I still remember that at the time for another film a car had to run me over, he taught me how to perform to reduce the chance of injury! May Sing Gor rest in peace."

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