Saturday, November 23, 2019


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Gloria Wong Yung and Aki Chan Yi Man yesterday attended a film press conference. Wong Yung revealed in the film she would make a sexy performance. She also wanted to be a killer. "I am learning martial art, and I have been studying Muay Thai to begin with." She also said that working out has made her drop one or two cup sizes. Next onth she would begin teaching rear and abdominal training and would welcome students of all sexes.

Chan Yi Man said that her costume would be close to a bikini. When asked why she would suddenly transition to be sexy? She said, "Earlier I was more young girl, actually I am OK with being sexy. I am not opposed to it. (Would you accept any last minute raises for nudity?) The plot hasn't gotten that extreme. If necessary I would cautiously consider it, but I am not mentally prepared for it yet."

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