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Lydia Tong Bui Sze earlier went to Bangkok, Thailand for the Lunar New Year film DAI DOH YIN (BIG ROBBERY ACT). She with four women and a man formed a Thailand tour group to battle leads Sam Lee Chan Sam and Jim Chim Shui Man. She was very excited about her first Lunar New Year film. She said, "I have always felt that only after making a Hong Kong Lunar New Year film are you consider a Hong Kong actor, so I am very happy. I feel like I really am a Hong Kong actor." She felt that comedy was the hardest film to master, as making people laugh was harder than making people cry. This time she truly witnessed the skills of comedy masters Chim Shui Man and Sam, she was already rolling on the floor laughing from watching their performance from the sidelines. She also got a rare chance to work with Paul Chun Pui, who was an elder she respected. She was able to take the chance and learn.

She praised that she received the star treatment for working on the movie in Thailand. Everyday locals cooked their three meals, and everyday the dishes were different; each meal was like a Thai buffet, not to mention Thai iced tea and fruit all day. She said, "I haven't been to Thailand to make a movie before, I don't know the scale of the crew there. Their mobile bathrooms actually have fragrance and music. I didn't even the shoot was tough at all, I even felt like I went on vacation." In one scene she and her tour group had to bare their midriff, so she did not dare to eat too much. She said, "Before heading out I already stopped eating too much and worked out everyday." While not working in Thailand, she and the "tour group" would work out and swim together to be at their best for the camera.

After completing the shoot, Lydia and the "tour" finally were liberated as they went shopping and tried night market snakes like crazy. They also had the Thailand must have -- durian. Her tour included Carmen Soup (Tong Ka Man), Giselle Lam Wai Sin, Hidy Yu Hiu Tung and Moses Cheng Wing Him. After the production they became as close as siblings. Whenever they had time they would discuss where they would go for food and fun.

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