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Lam Kin Ming loved red wine.  His Kwun Tong Crocodile Shirt office was filled with it.

Peter Lam celebrated his brother Lam Kin Ming's 80th birthday earlier
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Lam Kin Ming yesterday passed away at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hong Kong from lymphoma at age 84.

Peter Lam praised brother Lam Kin Ming for loving and caring for his family, and sparing no effort in community service.

Lam Kin Ming (front left) was close to his four children (back left) Vicky, Vanessa, Veronica and (front left) Howard 

Lam Kin Ming's son Howard yesterday appeared at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital to take care of his late father's affairs

Veronica Lam posted a photo of her holding Lam Kin Ming's hand in his memory

Renee Dai was upset about her godfather's passing and refused to believe it

Lily Ho (right)'s rumors with Lam Kin Ming became the talk of the town

Lam Kin Ming broke down while talking about Lily Ho's secret romance with Hinson Chou

Lam Kin Ming worked with Sam Hui on multiple concerts

Lam Kin Ming in January last year still attended a play event

Lam Kin Ming and his four children with his parents Lai Yuen Fong and Lim Por-yen

Meg Lam's Chinese name was only one word different from Lam Kin Ming's.  When Lam Kin Ming was blackmailed many made the mistake and called to console her.
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Known as "Young Master", Big Honor Entertainment boss Lam Kin Ming yesterday passed away from lymphoma at age 84. Lam Kin Ming was the eldest son of Hong Kong tycoon Lim Por-yen and his first wife Lai Yuen Fong. A businessman who left footsteps in many areas, at the same time he was active in entertainment, sports and community service. With his deeds in the community he was a good role model for his four children. Since he is gone, 'Happy Young Master's' sounds and sights would always live in their hearts. Younger brother Peter Lam Kin Ngok also praised his older brother for his good deeds in the community and how easy going he was with the world. He would always miss him!

Lam King Ming yesterday morning passed away at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital. Lam Kin Ming's four children Vanessa Lam Wai Shan, Vicky Lam Wai Kei, Veronica Lam Wai Ting, Howard Lam Hau Shun issued a joint obituary. "We hereby with sorrow and pain in our hearts announce that our late father Lam Kin Mng on January 8th at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital peacefully passed away, with his family by his side at age 84.

Our late father was a businessman who left footsteps in many areas; at the same time he was active in entertainment, sports and community service. He also took great care of his family, friends and subordinates.

Since he is gone, we can only silently remember him. His carefree and real personality led to him acquaintances everywhere; with his deeds in the community he was a good role model for our family. Although he is gone to paradise 'Happy Young Master's' sounds and sights would always live in our hearts." They revealed that Father's funeral would be family only. The memorial details will be announced later.

Lam Kin Ming's daughter Veronica Lam Wai Ting on social media remembered him on social media with past photos and revealed that her father had lymphoma. "In the final few hours, he passed away peacefully with us siblings, the closest family members and friends in his presence at the hospital. His voice would always be in our hearts. Due to the pandemic restrictions, we understand that everyone may not be able to attend the funeral. We hope that donations would be made to the Yan Chai Hospital in lieu of flowers. This was our father's wish......"

Peter Lam Kin Ngok was deeply saddened by his brother's passing. Lam Kin Ngor said that Brother loved and took care of his family his entire life, spared no effort in community service, fully supported sport and entertainment development, made great contributions to the community and family enterprise development. He said, "Brother was kind and easy going. His voice and smile would always remain in my heart. I would always miss him."

Lam King Ming Hong Kong tycoon Lim Por-yen's descendant as his eldest son. Lim Por-yen rose in the garment business and founded Lai Sun Garment. Lam Kin Ming at first helped with the family business and once served as a director of Lai Sun Group. His company Big Honor Entertainment was founded in 1988, produced thousands of concerts -- including Sam Hui Koon Kit's 41 show farewell concert series, George Lam Chi Cheung, Leon Lai Ming, Vivian Chow Wai Man, Korean stars Rain and Dong Bang Shin Ki's concerts. It even invited American diva Mariah Carey to perform in Macau.

In 2007, Big Honor created management and record departments. Artists under its banner included Renee Dai Mung Mung, Lily Ho Tin Yee, William Hu (Wu Wai Hong) and others. Wylie Chiu Shek Yi, Karene Mak Pui Yee and others have signed contracts but departed after they came to term. Artists and godchildren Dai Mung Mung and Wu Wai Hong were very upset and unable to respond to the media immediately. Wu Wai Hong posted a photo of a lit candle on social media, "Farewell Godfather." Dai Mung Mung posted in late evening many photos with godfather Lam Kin Ming and remembered their past together. She said, "January 8th 2021 was a very heavy and upsetting day. I don't want to accept this fact, but I still need to accept it; looking back 20 years ago when I met you, I was only 16. At the time it was just a chance meeting, but you already remembered me. Destiny made me join Big Honor Entertainment, over the past decade I went from on to off screen and you supported me on every decision, always guiding me and teaching me. You even took me around the world, taught me a lot of things and opened my eyes. Looking at these photos in detail, every scene, I really miss you very much. You were not only my benefactor in life, but also a godfather who was just like family. you kind laughter, the music you liked, your carefree attitude toward life, I would always remember them. We would keep working hard, continue your spirit, and always, always miss you. Godfather, happily and without a care go off with the fairies, have a safe journey!"

Big Honor also invested in many Hong Kong films like LINE WALKER 2, INVINCIBLE DRAGON, FULL STRIKE. In recent years it also often worked with Louis Koo Tin Lok's One Cool Film, including A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE, TRACEY and MEN ON THE DRAGON.

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