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Lee Heung Kam and Tam Bing Man worked together for decades, which was also how long gossips about them lasted

Brother Bing's daughter Tam Suk Ying visited Sister Kam last year

Sister Kam's daughter Siu Chi Kwan said that she would pick up her late mother's remains together then publish the obituary

Lee Heung and Kwan Hoi Shan's performance in ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL has become a classic
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Veteran actor Lee Heung Kam passed away on the 4th at age 88. Sister Kam and Tam Bing Man, who passed away in September last year, were the best partners. They once founded a film company together and performed as an onscreen couple, thus gossips about them lingered for decades. Sister Kam admitted that she had feelings for Brother Bing, but denied that they dated. Brother Bing's daughter Tam Suk Ying said that she did not mind the gossip between her father and Sister Kam. Because she often went on tours with her father and Sister Kam, she had a very clear understanding. In addition Sister Kam treated her very well. Fans even mistook her for being Sister Kam's daughter. After being asked so many times she did not bother to explain anymore. Sister Kam's daughter Siu Chi Kwan revealed that she would pick up her late mother's remains tomorrow then issue the obituary.

Brother Bing's daughter Tam Suk Ying spoke about her experience with Sister Kam. She said when she was little their families often went on hikes together. If she did OK on a test, Sister Kam would give her a small gift. She remembered the most in the past 20 years, she would accompany her father and Sister Kam on overseas tours. Sister Kam once said, "Anyone can miss it, but Ying Ying has to go." Sister Kam felt that her arrangement and care was very suitable.

Tam Suk Ying earlier visited Sister Kam. She said that Sister Kam in recently although was unable to remember too much, over a year ago when she sang PRINCESS CHANG PING Sister Kam sang along. She visited Sister Kam in February or March last year, since then due to the pandemic she was not at liberty to. Upon learning about Sister Kam's passing, she contacted Sister Kam's daughter Siu Chi Kwan, who instead comforted her and told her not to be too heartbroken. It was a necessary part of life.

Did she mind about the gossips between Brother Bing and Sister Kam over the years? Tam Suk Ying said that she did not mind because she understood it very clearly. They often went on concert tours together. She pointed out that many fans thought that she was Sister Kam's daughter. After awhile they did not even bother to explain. They would say, "That's right, that's right!" She felt that both her father and Sister Kam were very fortunate. Their families really loved them and they both passed away peacefully.

Sister Kam's daughter Siu Chi Kwan yesterday afternoon left their Ho Man Tin residence with her husband and had lunch at a nearby Japanese restaurant. Siu Chi Kwan was asked about Sister Kam's funeral arrangement. She said that tomorrow she would pick up her late mother's remains and then publish the obituary. She said that she has already made arrangements for her late mother and had help from professionals. She said that Sister Kam went very peaceful and asked everyone to let go.

Sister Kam once performed in the classic film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL, in which upon learning that the television was broken at home she screamed in exaggeration, "It's the end of the world!" Producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming two nights ago spoke with TVB's SCOOP and said that the line came from a real conversation director Clifton Ko Chi Sum's father had when the television broke. He praised Sister Kam for being a great elder, very professionally she would meet their demands. For example in another scene in the film the television was showing Sister Kam as the "West Palace" concubine. She did not mind pointing at the television and said that she hated watching the West Palace the most. She did not mind making fun of herself.

Lee Tim sing also spoke on the program about Sister Kam's transition to play a kind mother in the television series THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY. He said that as people aged their facial contours would become softer and gentler, they would no longer be suitable to play villains. The role transition brought some freshness.

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