Friday, January 22, 2021


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Philip Keung Ho Man yesterday spoke to Yeung Pan Pan on her Hong Kong Open Television program. Hak Jai said that his martial art master happened to be Sister Pan Pan's coach. They had quite a history and even worked together on several films. They could say that they grew up together. Sister Pan Pan said that Hak Jai had a good foundation and a lot of experience. She was happy for his career journey progress, even after rising to stardom he remained as loyal as ever. "After I switched to behind the scene work, when I asked Hak Jai to work on a movie, even for just one scene he would help out as soon as I asked. Now he is getting more and more famous, I am afraid that I can't afford to hire him. I have to make my movies even better to be able to." Hak Jai said that he was very loyal and would cherish his relationships with people. He was also happy that earlier at Sister Pan Pan's film festival in Malaysia, he won Best Supporting Actor with SHOCK WAVE -- the first film award in his life.

Hak Jai mentioned that his film SHOCK WAVE 2 is currently in release in the Mainland, Taiwan and other places. The response has been great. The Mainland box office made over 1.1 billion RMB. He was confident that the performance would continue to rise. Unfortunately the Hong Kong release due to the pandemic had to be postponed. He said, "I am a little disappointed, I hope cinemas will be able to open soon. I know many viewers are looking forward to seeing this film. I will go to see it then too. Earlier I was working in Beijing, so I couldn't make the film's Beijing premiere."

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