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"Color Best Actress" Cantonese Film Star Chow Kwun Ling 

Chow Kwun Ling and Cheung Ying made the Hong Kong version of REAR WINDOW, BACKYARD ADVENTURES
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Known as "Color Best Actress", Cantonese film star Chow Kwun Ling was active in the 1950s and the 1960s. Later she eased out of show business and returned to the U.S. For decades news about Chow Kwun Ling was rare. Two days ago on facebook's "Hong Kong Cantonese Film Research Society" someone posted, "Ms. Chow Kwun Ling passed away." Uploaded was a post from September last year, the content of which mentioned the passing of Chow Kwun Ling -- a famous film star who made almost 200 films between 1946 and 1964. Reporters yesterday said that the person who called Chow Kwun Ling "Aunt Pat" and posted the news of her passing. While no reply was received, the post was deleted.

Cantonese film fans were saddened to learn of Chow Kwun Ling's passing. Some said that Chow Kwun Ling was a top star of the era, top three beauties of the Cantonese film era; Some mentioned that Chow Kwun Ling and Cheung Ying's 1955 Hong Kong version of BACKYARD ADVENTURES was the most classic. Chow Kwun Ling was born and raised in the U.S. Her big screen debut was Grandview Film Company's ETERNAL LOVE, a color production shot in the U.S. Thus she was dubbed "Color Best Actress"; she switched to work in Hong Kong and all of the films that were in black and white. Later Chan Kwun Ling and her husband Wong Chiu Mo operated a restaurant in San Francisco. When Ho Fei Fan went to perform in the U.S. they took care of him. Later Chow Kwun Ling and Ho Fei Fan were linked in gossip and finally Wong Chiu Mo filed for divorce.

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