Thursday, January 14, 2021


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The Performing Artists Guild and the Federation of Film Workers started production on the pandemic themed film JUNG SI YAU OI JOI GAT LEI, which ran into obstacle after obstacle. Originally planned for a summer release last year, due to funding issues it was postponed until the Year of the Ox Lunar New Year release. Now due to Hong Kong cinemas being closed, the scheduling has become a mess. The film would probably have to be delayed again. Stars Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Cecilia So Lai Shan felt that the safety of viewers would be the most important!

Last year due to the novel coronavirus' severe impact on the film industry, the Performing Artists Guild president Louis Koo Tin Lok, Eric Tsang Chi Wai and others contacted 10 Hong Kong film companies for each to invest HK$ 3 million and applied for HK$ 9 million with the Film Development Fund. With HK$ 39 million they began production on the pandemic themed film JUNG SI YAU OI JOI GAT LEI, in hopes of helping the industry's basic levels to get over the hard times. The film originally was scheduled for release in July or August last year, but because the government only approved about 70% of the requested amount, many decided to give up the application and asked the film companies to ran another 9 million. Unfortunately because they could not reach an a agreement, the post production was stuck in limbo and needed to be delayed. Later after numerous negotiations they reached an agreement, successfully raised the fund and cancelled the application for government funding. The post production was also completed successfully. The film was planned for a Year of the Ox Lunar New Year release.

Unfortunately, due to the social distance restrictions, cinemas are closed until the 20th. Many films that were slated for the end of the year release like SHOCK WAVE 2 and THE RESCUE were unable to open in Hong Kong and scheduling became chaotic. The pandemic also worsened in the Mainland as many producers worried that Mainland cinemas would be closed again. Thus JUNG's release would very likely be postponed again. The Federation of Film Workers president Tin Kai Man said, "The film is arranging for its release, whether it will open for the Lunar New Year it will depend on Hong Kong cinema operation conditions."

Star Julian Cheung Chi Lam said about yet another delay, "As an actor I did my part, the rest would be up to the film company's arrangements. First and foremost are the safety and the health of viewers, which are the most important!"

Cecilia So Lai Shan also said, "I don't get to be anxious, as an actor of course I want my work to be able to be released sooner for everyone to see. The film is very warm, I believe after watching it people would be happy. However no one can control the pandemic. I hope the pandemic would end soon and everyone can go to the movies!"

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