Wednesday, November 1, 2023


Adam Wong, Michelle Wai and Sunny Lau find the closing of the Golden Harvest Fanling cinema regrettable
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The Golden Harvest cinema chain early yesterday morning suddenly announced on social media that the Golden Harvest Fanling cinema's rental contract has come to term and would close yesterday. Many Fanling residents were surprised and expressed regret, lamenting that the Fanling district would have one less cinema. Now Golden Harvest still has 9 cinemas in Hong Kong. The Sunny Lau Yung directed film ONE NIGHT IN SCHOOL (YEH HAU) two nights ago held a 10:15 PM preview at the Golden Harvest Fanling cinema and became its final show. Lau Yung last night attended an event and lamented the closing of another cinema. He never would have guessed that his film ONE NIGHT IN SCHOOL would become the Golden Harvest Fanling cinema's last film screening. Would he be afraid that one less cinema would affect the box office? He said, "I don't get to be too afraid, I made an authentic local comedy. I hope the audience would relate to it."

Michelle Wai Sze Nga said that she and her family constantly went to the Golden Harvest Fanling cinema to watch movies, so hearing the news of its closing was heartbreaking. Did she feel that operating a cinema now would be very hard? She felt that the cinemas had to think of many ways to stimulate admission, elevate quality and equipment. Director Adam Wong Sau Ping also felt regret, saying that cinemas were fewer and fewer. Was it due to many Hong Kong people going north to spend? He felt that there were many reasons, now viewers' movie viewing formats changed. Many young people were concerned about the issue of cinemas disappearing and hoped that everyone would pay attention to the value of going to the movies.

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