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William Chan watches what he eats and loses weight to get into good shape for the role

William Chan gets tossed around and choked 

William Chan says that after this fight scene he has mud everything and could not wash all of it off

Nick Cheung remembers to tag William Chan while promoting their new film
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William Chan Wai Ting in the Emperor Motion Picture BURSTING POINT (BAU LIT DIM) in many fight scenes became the "human punching bag", frequently taking beatings and got all scarred and bruised. His normal handsome image suddenly became nonexistent, as he could match his level of risks with his good brother Nicholas Tse Ting Fung! He also obviously threw himself into the fights like his co-star Nick Cheung in UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN).

William has been in the business for many years, and has always given him all into his acting. Highly popular in the mainland, he this time would rather turn down hundred million yuan mainland jobs to return to Hong Kong for the film. He hoped to make a name for himself in his birthplace. His film BURSTING would open on the 8th next month. Playing undercover in the film, he was able to work with his idol Nick Cheung Ka Fai. Of course he was excited. During the shoot he put an effort into his performance, gave up using stunt doubles and personally performed a fall from above. He also got numerous beatings and got tossed around, the scenes were bloody and gory. The film would be released with a category III rating.

The director arranged for William and Philip Keung Ho Man to battle in the mud. In one scene Hak Jai forced his head into the mud to try to suffocate him. Their clothing and even appearances were all covered up by the invading muddy water. Speaking of the production process, William revealed, "The team used two cameras for the above and below angles. One of them was actually in he mud to capture the visual in order to get the most realistic feeling. Although I got mud all over and cleaning was very hard afterward, the most important is the result is good. Actually the shoot was a lot of fun!"

William said that in comparison to his past fight scenes, the biggest difference this time was becoming a "human punching bag"! Aside from almost being choked to death at the hands of Julius Brian Siswojo (Lee Hoi Yin), he also had to interpret being threatened into the corner with multiple layers of pain and suffering physically and spiritually. The final life and death battle at the end of the film was cruel, as he was arranged to face a famous Malaysian MMA expert and got busted open. Reportedly, this scene was shot on location in a cavern. Without enough air circulation and the actors "fighting in water" during the shoot for several days, William stated that this memory would be unforgettable. He said, "He has only made one or two movies, doesn't really know how to hold back. So he really took a swing, every punch hit me very hard! (In that scenes the look in your eyes could kill.) It was a very natural response. As soon as I took my mark I automatically knew what to do, but at the time I just recovered from illness. I was actually very tired for real." Fan commended him on how fit he was in the film, William humbly said, "Actually the director wanted me to be thinner, so I quit carbohydrates and got myself so thin. Being undercover really isn't good for your appetite!"

Nick Cheung Ka Fai has always liked to lend a hand to the younger generation. Working with Chan Wai Ting this time, he of course did his part to assist. Earlier Cheung Ka Fai posted their film BURSTING POINT's poster on social media. "With just one look you know it's hardcore, can you take it?" He tag William. In the poster, William held a burning bottle with a fierce look in his eyes. Next to him Ka Fai maintained his usual tough guy look.

As for another Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, he would work with William on the film MO HAN YUM MO (INFINITE MISSION). Earlier on William's birthday, Ting Fung even drove over to visit the set.

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